Photo Clocks

 Posted by on December 20, 2008
Dec 202008


Plastic clocks don’t cost too much, so I bought a bunch of them with the idea to create my own faces. In all I made twelve different clocks and gave them away as gifts to friends and family.

Hot Air Balloon

 Posted by on October 18, 2008
Oct 182008


I always wanted to go up in a hot air balloon but was afraid I would blow away. Luckily, at a balloon festival, I was able to live that dream in one that was safely tethered to the ground.

Frost Lines

 Posted by on October 7, 2008
Oct 072008


Simple but nice. I enjoy photography that reminds me of minimalist painting… I am guessing here that the morning sun began to slightly heat up the driveway, which caused the frost to melt on the edge. Science.

Knotted Roots

 Posted by on May 31, 2008
May 312008


While hiking up Ricketts Glen I noticed these amazing knots of tree roots.

Enlightened Leafs

 Posted by on May 23, 2008
May 232008


While taking photographs of the stars, I soon realized I was locked out of my own house. It was after 1am and knocking on the door or tossing pebbles at the window wasn’t working. Rather than getting upset I began to mess around with long exposures… Here I used a 20 second shutter, panning the camera downwards to create an upward glow. Looks heavenly.

Bubble Art

 Posted by on March 9, 2008
Mar 092008


By adding some food dye into children’s bubble containers, we have created a whole new way to paint the canvas. It actually worked too.

Walking On Ice

 Posted by on February 23, 2008
Feb 232008


I have a huge fear of walking on a frozen ice. I decided to just do it to see how it felt way out there. I walked halfway out to the middle of Lake Lackawanna and then photographed my fear.

The Dreaming State