Owl Sketch

 Posted by on December 16, 2011
Dec 162011


A digital sketch of an owl and moon with a needle and thread. This was actually based off of a large tapestry I sewed together of an owl and moon to cover my window so light doesn’t come in and wake me up.

Fake Election Signs

 Posted by on November 6, 2011
Nov 062011


I get so annoyed at all the stupid signs taking over peoples yards around election season. They are unattractive and I really can’t see them having much impact on voters… I decided to design my own sarcastic and idiotic yard signs, get them printed and place them right along a busy road. I wonder if anyone noticed?


 Posted by on October 12, 2011
Oct 122011


One of my favorite beverages. Here is a fine glass of absinthe prepared by lighting soaked sugar cubes on fire, which is fun but fairly pointless… Unfortunately the alcohol flame is invisible to the camera, so I photoshopped in a few flames from a few campfires I had in order to fake the scene.

Moooo Baaaaa

 Posted by on August 27, 2011
Aug 272011


Not too sure what to say about this piece. It is what it is. Fairly self-explanatory.

Lawn Mower Art

 Posted by on June 28, 2011
Jun 282011


Cutting the grass is only a chore if you decide to make it one. Don’t do that. Instead just add a little creativity to your method: Go in circles / Cut out designs… Neighbors might think you’re weird, but it’s worth it in the end.

With A Birdcage

 Posted by on April 30, 2011
Apr 302011


Just a random portrait of me holding a fancy birdcage.

The Dreaming State