Graphic Design in VR

 Posted by on December 6, 2018
Dec 062018

I feel like I am going to mention “Virtual Reality” quite often in this Blog. The technology is very inspiring to me, and I think it is something more and more individuals and companies will jump on. VR is still a fairly new technology, but I truly believe that in the near future it will become a huge part of personal entertainment, gaming, but most of all… CREATIVITY.

I have been experimenting with the idea of using Virtual Reality as a means for graphic design. In software such as Oculus Medium, I am able to quickly “sculpt” three-dimensional graphics (like in this example), place lights around them, and then edit a final image. In hardly any time one can create an eye-catching 3D logo… VR is an incredible and intuitive tool for creatives because it allows us to “step inside” our computers and use our hands to create (as artists should).

Brain-Kebob VR

 Posted by on December 4, 2018
Dec 042018

Another new Virtual Reality sculpt. I know, this piece ended up a little gruesome (and that’s not typically my style), but I like the dark humor of a shish-kebab of brains! A brain-kebob!… I have been sculpting various objects in Virtual Reality using a program called Oculus Medium. I wanted to test my skills in creating an organic form from photographs, and so I sculpted and painted a human brain. After that, I needed a creative way to show the 3D model from various angles in one single image. I got the idea of sticking a few of them on a skewer at different rotations. Of course, I then had a bit more painting to do.

The Dreaming State