Lite Brite Abstraction

 Posted by on August 4, 2018
Aug 042018

An true artist works in many mediums, including Lite-Brite… While going through some of my old things, I found a large container of Lite-Brite color pegs. I washed them with soap and water and let them dry overnight. In what could be described as a Jackson Pollock inspired image, I created this fun photograph that has a sense of nostalgia for many.

Construction Paper Solar Print

 Posted by on July 5, 2018
Jul 052018

At my last job, I would always sit on top of the picnic table outside. This apparently annoyed the secretary, and rather than speaking to me she made a sign on colorful paper that said: “No Sitting On The Table”. After weeks in the sun, I noticed the once colorful sign was now losing its vibrancy. This gave me the idea to use this un-archival-ness as a photographic process.

I scanned a 4×5 negative of a tree, made a positive print on transparency paper, then placed it inside a frame atop of a piece of red construction paper… Over the past few days I kept the paper in direct sunlight for 30 hours. The sun burned some of the color away but kept the parts that were covered, creating a photographic print using only the sun.

I thought I had created a simple process, but of course, nothing is new. After searching the internet I found that this is not only a fairly common process, but it is a craft to teach kids. So basically I discovered a kids craft and thought I was a genius.

Itty Bitty Camera Sensor

 Posted by on July 1, 2018
Jul 012018

This is the size of the camera sensor on your mobile phone… I ripped apart an old phone, curious about its tiny technology. I was amazed at the small size of all the components. As a photographer, of course, I was mostly blown away by the camera sensor. Crazy how something this small can captures such amazing detail. A whole sunset over a city can fit on that thing!

Digital Twin-Lens Reflex

 Posted by on June 23, 2018
Jun 232018

My dSLR is currently at Nikon for a good cleaning, and so I have been shooting with my dTLR instead. The Bonzart Ampel is a toy camera made in Asia that resembles an old Twin-Lens Reflex camera but made digital. It has an LCD screen on the top, two lenses (one being a tilted for effect), and the film winding knobs actually change the color settings. Of course, you can’t expect much from a silly 5 megapixel foreign camera, but I actually really love shooting with it.

I had this idea years ago, to create a digital TLR camera, and so I had to buy this. Obviously, this is not meant to be professional, but wouldn’t that be amazing? A really good 24 megapixel, metal-body dTLR, with great glass and a powerful LCD screen (or just reflected like the old ones). I would buy that product and use it all the time. Nothing like shooting with a Twin-Lens Reflex.

Lunar Solar Department

 Posted by on June 12, 2018
Jun 122018

Over the past few weeks, I took part in a virtual reality sculpting contest held by MasterpieceVR, sponsored by Microsoft and Samsung. The theme was to imagine a city of the future, sustainable and high-tech, which I feel is a truly important subject in today’s world… I created a few different pieces for the contest including the “Communal Smart Farm” (a robot-run field that produces food for multiple families), the “Cloud Irrigation Drone” (a flying device that creates rainclouds to save lands in drought), and even “Tech Town” (a group of residential and business buildings with a playful architectural design that looks like a circuit board).

Today I attended a virtual awards ceremony. The other artist’s work was simply amazing. Although I did not win, I was pleased to see that one of my entries, the “Lunar Solar Department” (a multi-country development project to build a solar panel grid on the moon, providing the entire planet with free energy), was added to the sky of the conceptual city we all built together. What a great positive contest by Masterpiece.

Virtual Graffiti

 Posted by on June 5, 2018
Jun 052018

While exploring the creative side of virtual reality, I stumbled upon a program called KingSpray. This is not really my kind of style but I must admit it is brilliantly developed software and incredibly life-like… I put on my VR and I was suddenly on the rooftop in a city. In my hand is a can of spray paint (which even makes the clinking sound when I shake it). You can cycle through various colors, nozzles, and pressures, then walk up to a wall and start spraying. The details are amazing! The paint sprays out like vapor, goes on shiny and wet, then dries. This in combination with the texture of the wall, and the detailed surroundings is just breathtaking… So for fun, I painted this little tribute to old-school gaming.


 Posted by on May 16, 2018
May 162018

I tend to go through waves where creativity comes easily, and then suddenly I struggle in emptiness. I have been working on this series of black and white self-portraits for about 18 months now, but just recently I am finding it harder and harder to create. Perhaps I need a break? Perhaps other activities got in the way? Perhaps this means the body of work is finally complete?

This is a simple idea I had and struggled to shoot. It is a man blindfolded, but more surreal than just that. Clearly, it was difficult to photograph myself while not having any sight, but the hard part was more in my facial expression. I spent days in the studio shooting this idea over and over. Finally, this single exposure had just the right look.

Circuit Board Sculpt

 Posted by on May 8, 2018
May 082018

This is my latest virtual reality sculpting project… I have absolutely no idea how electronics work, but I find beauty in their aesthetics. As an artist, when I open up a computer (or other electronic device) and see a circuit board with various components, all connected by parallel lines – I see it as a work of art.

I sculpted various components separately (integrated circuits, capacitors, resistors, transistors, LEDs, inductors) and then pieced them all together to create a fake circuit board. I then painted lines connecting them all at random. I wonder what it does?

Photoshop Action Keyboard

 Posted by on May 2, 2018
May 022018

Photoshop is my job and my hobby, so I bought a gaming keyboard with tons of extra programmable keys so that I could speed up my workflow. The problem is that I kept forgetting what the 24 custom keys do. Today I designed these label cards to help me remember what actions and tools are available. I even put in little icons for ease… Sometimes I feel like I am playing a piano solo while working through an image!

The Dreaming State