The Photograph

(a short & silly comedy film inspired by the silent era)

There was something more sophisticated about the old days of movies. While today we rely heavily on visual effects, voice, and added audio, back then a story had to be clearly told without the use of sound. I am particularly drawn to the trick effects and fantasy created by Georges Méliès, the mixture of comedy and stunt performance by Buster Keaton, or especially (my favorite) the slapstick humor and characters created by Charlie Chaplin.

Inspired by such ideas, Laurie Otto and I created our own silent film in the style of early cinema. I sketched out plans, wrote various scenes, filmed different angles, and then used my own film-like effects in editing. Unlike Chaplin, who was such a perfectionist (once he made over 300 takes for one short scene), Laurie and I pretty much ran through all the scenes in just one take. The final product is a silly film about the troubles of being a photographer.

(video might take some time to pre-load)

The Dreaming State