Potential Rhythm

 Added to January 20, 2013
Jan 202013

In 2006 I lived in a building that had an underground tunnel with lots of pipes, stairs, and metal boxes. Late one night I had the idea to bang on things and record the sounds they made. I then took a snapshot of the area where sounds came from… The project was abandoned. In 2012 I took the sounds and mixed them into beats. “Potential Rhythm” is the final project. Here are two.

Vein In My Eye

 Added to January 8, 2013
Jan 082013


I have a beautiful red squiggly in my eye… This photograph was shot by hooking my dSLR camera up to 4 inches of bellows, a macro reversal filter and then a reversed old Pentax 50mm lens (put on backwards). Nothing beats the strange qualities of a makeshift lens.

Documentary Photography

 Added to January 4, 2013
Jan 042013


I took a course in documentary photography. We needed to create a final project, but I made nothing… Instead, I brought my old Polaroid camera to the last class and took pictures of the final critique as it was happening. I then pinned the images to the wall and called them my final project about documentary photography. I think I got an A.

Hello World, This Is My Blog

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Jan 012013

Blog: Featured Posts

(featured blog posts from the past)

As an artist, I am mostly a visual person, and so I want my blog to reflect that. I don’t write too much, maybe a little thought or explanation. This blog will be about my creative process, inspirations, and some life moments… Below are some hand picked “Featured Posts” from the past, and to the left is the menu where you can travel back in time. Enjoy.

The Dreaming State