My Studio Floor

 Added to February 20, 2013
Feb 202013


I had a sheet of 4×5 film loaded into my view camera but no idea what to shoot. I jokingly aimed the camera down at the floor of my studio and took a photograph. I scanned the film and noticed how the mundane floor was transformed into some kind of abstract expressionist painting, like that of Jackson Pollock. It prints out rather large as well.

Owl Sketch

 Added to February 11, 2013
Feb 112013


A digital sketch of an owl and moon with a needle and thread. This was actually based off of a large tapestry I sewed together of an owl and moon to cover my window so light doesn’t come in and wake me up.

Broken Glass

 Added to February 3, 2013
Feb 032013


I accidentally dropped a wine glass and it broke. I decided to save the broken shards to do something with. I then glued fishing line to each piece and suspended them above a table. Suspended in time.

The Dreaming State