A Conceptual Book

 Added to March 30, 2013
Mar 302013


A professor in graduate school gave our class the assignment to make a book dealing with art. We were given weeks and weeks of class time to produce our book, but I did nothing. Instead I designed a cover saying “Conceptual Art, by Shane McGeehan”, had the book printed, and then glued all of the pages together so it could not be opened.

Visual Phenomena

 Added to March 28, 2013
Mar 282013


This is a photograph that was digitally manipulated to depict the visual phenomenon of looking at a candle in the dark while slightly squinting your eyes. If you squint while looking at it, it feels more real.

A Strawberry

 Added to March 20, 2013
Mar 202013


I photographed a strawberry using 4×5 black and white film. I then made a large print and added color using strawberries: Squishing them to get red pigment and rubbing its leaf against the paper for the green. Subject as medium.

The Dreaming State