Liquid Outer Space

 Added to April 20, 2013
Apr 202013


Ever since Harold Edgerton photographed drops of liquid at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the 1950’s, photographers everywhere had to try this out for themselves. Sure, it’s not that interesting because everyone does it, but I had to give it a shot myself… Here I used water and food dyes to create outer space nebula-like imagery.

Inside/Outside The Camera

 Added to April 11, 2013
Apr 112013


The function of a camera is to create a representation of objects in reality. I began questioning why the objects are always outside of the camera. Can they not be inside? A view camera is very large, big enough to place objects inside of… On the left is an extension cord photographed outside of the camera. On the right is an extension cord photographed inside of the camera.

Standing Still

 Added to April 6, 2013
Apr 062013


This is me standing still for 25 minutes.

The Dreaming State