Enlightened Leafs

 Added to June 23, 2013
Jun 232013


While taking photographs of the stars, I soon realized I was locked out of my own house. It was after 1am and knocking on the door or tossing pebbles at the window wasn’t working. Rather than getting upset I began to mess around with long exposures… Here I used a 20 second shutter, panning the camera downwards to create an upward glow. Looks heavenly.

Cape Cod Construction

 Added to June 15, 2013
Jun 152013


There was a lot of construction on one of the beaches in Cape Cod. I stood inside the excavator and took shots all around my view. I really liked to create strange panoramas by hand in Photoshop. This one has some humor to it.

Shadow Landscapes

 Added to June 5, 2013
Jun 052013


In a moment of complete chance I came to find how interesting the shadow of a mesh material can be. I then created a series of imagery using a crinkled window screen and a flashlight. I photographed the result projected on the wall and called it landscape photography.

The Dreaming State