Stoned Crop

 Added to July 29, 2013
Jul 292013


I was chosen to create a piece to be hung at the City Center Gallery in Ohio for an event sponsored by The Arts Initiative of Columbus. Each artist was assigned a plant that grows on their green rooftop. I was assigned Sedum, a plant known as the Stone Crop… I decided to break the plant into it’s 3 main parts and create a psychedelic triptych using a combination of photography and digital manipulation. From the bottom up: The roots, the stems, and the flowers – each framed separately.

Fairy Ring Trash

 Added to July 9, 2013
Jul 092013


“Fairy Rings” of mushrooms are just not as magical when they happen to surround a tipped over garbage can. The juxtaposition of the two elements, however, does make for a great photograph.

My Yoga Mat

 Added to July 8, 2013
Jul 082013


I blended a few images together and designed my own custom yoga mat. I also sewed a bag for it with zipper pockets and a little mushroom… Namaste.

The Dreaming State