Leaf Stripes

 Added to August 27, 2013
Aug 272013


I decided to go for a walk at night and collect fallen leaves. My goal was to get a lot of different colors. I then captured each of them using a flatbed scanner, cropped them into stripes, and printed them out… You can hang just one by itself and it is beautiful, but when you combine many of them they being to work together in harmony. Happy fall.

Mellon Landscape

 Added to August 15, 2013
Aug 152013


Sometimes curiosity makes me impulsive. While grocery shopping this strange spiky fruit caught my eye and I had to purchase it. Apparently it is called a Horned Mellon or African Cucumber or better yet Blowfish Fruit. I cut it in half and grabbed my macro lens… To me it looks like the mountainous desert landscape of a strange alien planet. I envision some fantasy-like fuzzy creatures migrating across the surface.

Ocean Sunrise

 Added to August 9, 2013
Aug 092013


While staying in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, I dragged the large format camera and some 4×5 color film down to catch the sunrise. It was perfect. The final image titled “Transcendence” involved taking a fast exposure to catch the sunrise, a slow exposure to blur the ocean waves, and then blending the two into one photograph.

Triangle Man

 Added to August 3, 2013
Aug 032013


This is Triangle Man. I made him a while ago, but this is his first portrait… I thought it would be fun to make stuffed animals one night, so we went to the fabric store for supplies. Yes, I own a sewing machine. What sane person doesn’t?

The Dreaming State