Poppies Intertwined

 Added to October 25, 2013
Oct 252013


Two dried poppies intertwined, scanned on a flatbed and printed six feet tall. Especially at that size, we relate, and there is something romantic about the simple embrace.

A Facade

 Added to October 19, 2013
Oct 192013


It is only a facade.

Submarine Periscope

 Added to October 11, 2013
Oct 112013


A curving railroad running next to the Thomas River in Connecticut. This was photographed by putting my camera up to a periscope at the Submarine Force Library and Museum. I like the idea of using everything possible as a camera lens.

Light Of The Night

 Added to October 2, 2013
Oct 022013


I found this image in a folder full of old work. I remember it well… I was walking around Providence, Rhode Island, late at night with my camera and a notepad. I took this photograph and wrote this short poem while standing there:

I hear the rain in the gutter
and the sound of the shutter
of my camera blinking
and thinking of how to capture
the light of the night.

The Dreaming State