Mario 3D

 Added to November 24, 2013
Nov 242013


I took screenshots of various graphics from the original Super Mario Brothers, modeled them as 3D objects using Lightwave, put together this mushroom scene, and then edited the final render in Photoshop. Mixing the old with the new.

Fake Election Signs

 Added to November 6, 2013
Nov 062013


I get so annoyed at all the stupid signs taking over peoples yards around election season. They are unattractive and I really can’t see them having much impact on voters… I decided to design my own sarcastic and idiotic yard signs, get them printed and place them right along a busy road. I wonder if anyone noticed?

Grain Of Sand

 Added to November 1, 2013
Nov 012013


I really like its beautiful simplicity, and what may appear to be massive – is actually just a single grain of sand. I photographed it with a microscope using a method known as “focus stacking” in order to achieve greater detail. This is when you take multiple exposures with different focus points and then blend them together.

The Dreaming State