Flood Of 2006

 Added to June 28, 2014
Jun 282014


Eight years ago was the Mid-Atlantic United States flood of 2006, considered the worst flooding in the area since 1979. The waters forced thousands out of their homes, cost millions in damages, and even took lives. After it drained, in one area I saw mud covering the trees over 15 feet up. Still, in all disaster there is beauty, and I loved how this shopping center’s parking lot became a giant mirror.

Aluminum Face

 Added to June 24, 2014
Jun 242014


I grabbed a bunch of aluminum foil and squished it all over face to create a mold. I then set up lights and photographed the foil. Just another self portrait.

Dead Roses

 Added to June 19, 2014
Jun 192014


A self portrait / visual poetry.

Leaf Shirts

 Added to June 8, 2014
Jun 082014


I have been collecting leafs and making prints on t-shirts. I simply cover them in paint and press them to the cloth. The shirt is then one of a kind, just like each leaf. I made a lot of shirts so far.

The Dreaming State