A Mushroom Piece

 Added to July 17, 2014
Jul 172014


I collected a few things while on a walk and arranged them for a photography. This is something I would like to do a lot more of in the near future.

Microscopic Blood

 Added to July 14, 2014
Jul 142014


I purchased an adapter so that I could connect my dSLR up to a microscope. I then cut my finger, put a drop of blood on a slide, and waited for it to solidify. When it dried it formed a bunch of random cracks. I suppose it’s some sort of avant-garde self-portrait.

Corner Reflected Ripples

 Added to July 9, 2014
Jul 092014

Stretching across the corner of a darkened space is a piece of blank white paper. I had built a large container on the floor, filled it with water and submerged a mirror in the bottom. A bright red light aims downward, bends through the rippling water created by my hands, bounces off the mirror and reflects up onto the surface of the white paper… I made this piece in my studio. It was only up for a day or two and I don’t believe anyone saw it but myself.

The Dreaming State