Pit Fired Pottery

 Added to March 14, 2015
Mar 142015


I took an eight week wheel ceramics class at a local studio and just had a gallery show. I made a variety of final pieces, but for some reason this was my favorite. This one was pit fired, giving it the cracks and strange colors.

Smoke And Symmetry

 Added to March 13, 2015
Mar 132015


A photograph of smoke put through a repetition of mathematical actions in Adobe Photoshop. Symmetry. Spirals. Fractals. Over and over and over and over.

Torn Apart

 Added to March 6, 2015
Mar 062015


I was finishing up my final year of graduate school and spontaneously decided to destroy everything I had created all those years. I spent the next few hours tearing apart hundreds of dollars worth of photographic prints. Was I destroying art or making art? Perhaps I am just beginning to say goodbye.

The Dreaming State