Geometric Strings

 Added to July 23, 2015
Jul 232015


I bought some yarn and nails and made this. Its very mathematical.

Pouring Rain

 Added to July 15, 2015
Jul 152015

I took a video of a passing storm by placing my dSLR camera pointing upwards under a sheet of glass. I aimed a spotlight at the surface to catch the drops of rain against an underexposed sky. It reminds me of old experimental film, like that of Stan Brakhage.

Art To Growing

 Added to July 1, 2015
Jul 012015

As a personal test I planted a bunch of herbs, and they have begun to sprout on my windowsill. Some oregano, basil, parsley, rosemary, and others. People say there is an art to growing – you have a green thumb – and although I absolutely do not, I am sure I can handle a few little herbs… I love the taste of basil and am already planning a nice pasta meal in the near future. I think that’s art.

The Dreaming State