Moon Trails

 Added to August 22, 2015
Aug 222015


This is a thirty minute exposure of a half moon setting on a cloudy night.

Farm In The Fog

 Added to August 21, 2015
Aug 212015


I woke up before 7am and saw a beautiful dense fog outside my window. Any photographer would get excited about this. I then decided that driving around and making pictures would be a better use of time than sleep. This is a panorama I took right up the road.

Inspire: Nina Katchadourian

 Added to August 9, 2015
Aug 092015

Nina Katchadourian, “Mended Spiderweb #8”, 1998

Katchadourian seems to do everything from sculpture to video. In one grouping of work she calls “Uninvited Collaborations With Nature” she works along with nature in very creative and also humorous ways. Take this image for example from her work “Mending Spiderwebs”. Here is a 20×20 inch photograph of a spiderweb. It was broken however, and so she fixed the missing spots with red thread. See more at

Spinning Around

 Added to August 5, 2015
Aug 052015


I have been obsessively photographing the stars lately using long and short shutter speeds. This was one of my favorites. Oh, and fun fact: Apparently the earth is spinning in circles at about 1037 miles per hour while also flying through space at about 67,000 miles per hour. Woah.

The Dreaming State