Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

 Added to September 27, 2015
Sep 272015


The supermoon eclipse was a truly beautiful experience. The last time this occurred I was’t even yet born, and the next time it happens again won’t be until 2033… I got lucky and had clear skies so I set up a tripod, 200mm lens, 2x teleconverter and took exposures all night. Here are some of my shots edited into one image.

Inkjet Leaf Ashes

 Added to September 23, 2015
Sep 232015


I picked a leaf, pressed it and photographed it. I then lit the leaf on fire, collected its ashes, mixed them with a little water, and poured the liquid into an empty inkjet cartridge. The final product is a digital inkjet print of a leaf using itself as the medium.

Inspire: Paul Friedlander

 Added to September 14, 2015
Sep 142015

Paul Friedlander, Unknown Title and Date

Friedlander is a studied physicist turned kinetic artist, and an inspiration to my work. He is/was a professor at Cambridge but also found a way into art-making. His work can fill a giant room, or be held in your hand. The installation depicted here was created by spinning strings really quickly while projecting light onto them. Strange moving but somewhat static shapes fill the space around you. See more at

The Dreaming State