Fungi Mandala

 Added to October 29, 2015
Oct 292015


Picked a few mushrooms on my walk. There was a lot of rain the days before, so these fungi were everywhere, especially these types under pine trees. I liked both the tops and the bottoms of the caps and could decide, so here’s both. (PS: Don’t eat these ones)

Black-Light Rorschach

 Added to October 24, 2015
Oct 242015


I have been working on a series of black-light activated multicolored Rorschach blots in my studio. I began this process in graduate school a while back. I hope to make many more and show them in a gallery… The philosopher Alan Watts once said, “Reality is only a Rorschach ink-blot, you know!”

Finding The Light

 Added to October 22, 2015
Oct 222015


I’m working on an installation involving a bright white light seeping out from behind a thin tear in the black wall. I like how I am aware that it is just a wall, but the effect created makes it feel like there is another space exterior to the wall… While working and observing the installation I had to pause to take a self portrait with the strange glow.

Snow Cloud

 Added to October 18, 2015
Oct 182015


On my drive home I saw a few large snow clouds in the distance. I pulled over in a parking lot at the top of a large hill, took out my telephoto lens and got this shot. I think the distance and perspective was just right… Looks like the cloud is melting away.

Circular Sticks

 Added to October 9, 2015
Oct 092015


I had gathered a bunch of sticks from my yard many weeks ago but had no plans for them. An idea finally came to me inspired by a portrait of Ram Dass, the spiritual teacher, meditating in front of a beautiful circular wall hanging. I began to cut the sticks and wrap them together using twine.

Cyanotype + Fire

 Added to October 8, 2015
Oct 082015


Cyanotypes are paper coated with light sensitive chemistry. With this in mind I splashed pure alcohol on the paper and lit it on fire over and over again. The final product is an abstract in black & white & blue, along with a few holes from burning. Perhaps I should continue this process.

Strange Waters

 Added to October 4, 2015
Oct 042015


This photograph was not digitally altered in any way. While hiking around the Lehigh Gorge State Park I noticed a strange color in the water. The way the sun was hitting the green trees on the hill and reflecting off this river created a really weird yellow glow. Even to the naked eye it felt unreal.

The Dreaming State