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Nov 252015


I have recently become obsessed with squares for some reason. I begin in Adobe Photoshop with only a single square and then use very simple procedural methods – copy, paste, rotate, blend, scale – to create final complex compositions. I can already see these printed a few feet large. Here are a few so far.

Inspire: Maurizio Anzeri

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Nov 122015

Maurizio Anzeri, “Marianna”, 2010

Interested in the qualities of vintage photographs, Anzeri uses embroidery on top of old found portraits to create almost a surreal-psychological mixed media image. Where the old photographs are soft, the threads are colorful and shiny. They create strange costumes and masks around the figures that also act as auras. I always find and mixing of other media with photography, and this one is very different and successful.

Specks Of Color

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Nov 092015


The sunlight reflecting off the early morning frost created a strange sights of little specks of bright hues of color. Reds, and greens, and blues. It was a gorgeous sight, but one that I couldn’t really capture with my camera. I tried but the image always lacked the phenomena I was interested in… that is until I made the image unfocused. I think this is art.

The Dreaming State