Leaf Mandalas

 Added to January 26, 2016
Jan 262016


A few intricate mandalas created by scanning fallen leafs. I copied, pasted, rotated and blended each scan into itself multiple times in Photoshop. I tend to use the term “mandala” (meaning “circle” in Sanskrit) for many of my works. I see them as symbols or metaphors for existence, infinity and spiritual grounding. These are just a sketch that I plan to work further on.

Ten Dollar Telescope

 Added to January 22, 2016
Jan 222016


I saw a telescope for only 10 dollars at the store, so of course I bought it… A special lens adapter I had fit right on to the end of the telescope, so my dSLR now had an awful three foot lens. I was not expecting quality, however I am really happy with the outcome of this photo-hack.

Inspire: Hiroshi Sugimoto

 Added to January 11, 2016
Jan 112016

Hiroshi Sugimoto, “Movie Theatre,Canton Palace, Ohio, 1980”

Sugimoto is a Japanese photographer who really thinks outside of the box, and that box has a lens, and is called a camera. He creates a variety of interesting bodies of work, however I choose this one because of its simplicity and conceptual stance on photography… To explain this image I’ll let his words tell the tale of how the project began: “Dressed up as a tourist, I walked into a cheap cinema in the East Village with a large-format camera. As soon as the movie started, I fixed the shutter at a wide-open aperture, and two hours later when the movie finished, I clicked the shutter closed. That evening, I developed the film, and the vision exploded behind my eyes.” This photograph is an entire movie in one single frame, exposing the beautiful theater is was shown in. See more at http://www.sugimotohiroshi.com/

Frosted Windows

 Added to January 5, 2016
Jan 052016


I hate the cold, but I love the frost it brings. I photographed a few windows this morning, and melted some ice with my hand in the middle image, allowing the screen to show through… Reminds me of Minor White and his thoughts on Equivalence:

“Any photograph, regardless of source, might function as an Equivalent to someone, sometime, someplace. If the individual viewer realizes that for him what he sees in a picture corresponds to something within himself — that is, the photograph mirrors something in himself — then his experience is some degree of Equivalence.”

The Dreaming State