Triangle In The Woods

 Added to February 28, 2016
Feb 282016


I went on a hike at Salt Springs State Park in northern Pennsylvania. It was cold and there was a lot of frozen water. I quickly grabbed a large slab of ice and made this photograph.

Profile Picture Mandalas

 Added to February 18, 2016
Feb 182016


Time to time I think of fun social media projects. The other day I created a Photoshop process that automatically creates a mandala from an image… I told people to LIKE my post and I will turn their profile picture into a personal mandala. Lots of people joined in the fun.

Inspire: Henry Peach Robinson

 Added to February 4, 2016
Feb 042016

Henry Peach Robinson, “The Lady of Shalott”, 1861

Robinson, a British photographer of the 1860’s, was an early founder of the pictorialist style of photography. In short this means making an image that seems to resemble a painting, many times with hand altering within the darkroom. Robinson also got into combining multiple negatives into one image, and while he got some criticism from others for “altering” photography, his work continued to get attention… This image is an illustration of the poem by Alfred Tennyson, and was the first photograph to ever do so. The final print is an albumen process made by combining two negatives.

The Dreaming State