Let It Grow

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May 302016


Sometimes when cutting the grass I make shapes or patterns. A while ago I decided to stop mowing a small square area of my front yard. I skip right over it every time, and I plan to do so all summer… Many would call it neglect, or ugly, or strange – I call it art.

Inspire: Chris McCaw

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May 152016

Chris McCaw, Sunburned GSP#325, 2009

McCaw began in the darkroom at age 13 and stuck with this (now) old technology. Since discovering the beauty of large format photography, Chris has since explored the medium in an entirely new way. This silver gelatin paper negative image was created by leaving the shutter of a film camera open while the sun made its way through the sky. As a result, being that the lens of the camera focuses all the energy of the sun into a small point, the image itself is burned into the paper. Although the treeline is crisp, where the sun passed by the exposure was partially solarized. See more at https://www.chrismccaw.com/

Quotes: Louis Armstrong

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May 142016

Sunset Quotes: Louis Armstrong

“I see skies of blue and clouds of white, Bright sunny days, dark sacred nights, And I think to myself, What a wonderful world.” – Dark skies and storms ended in a vibrant sunset tonight. I laid out on the hammock to watch it all wind down. To add to the moment, the wedding reception across the street was blasting Louis Armstrong’s “What A Wonderful World” (one of my favorites). Originally written by Joey Ramone, but Louis’ voice is all I will ever hear. Things really are wonderful, aren’t they?

Kaleidoscopic Trees

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May 052016

I have been using 4×5 film to create wall-size kaleidoscopic prints of tree limbs over the last few years. Lately I decided to take this same idea into video projection as well. I am still exploring my methods, but here is a sample render of one of a few new ideas.

The Dreaming State