Through The Lens

 Added to June 21, 2016
Jun 212016


As I continue to experiment and explore ways to push the camera beyond its expected use, I came across this idea. I wanted to create an image grounded in traditional nature photography, but that goes beyond just that and evokes an emotional response. Without the use of any digital manipulation, I cam using optics to distort, reflect, and bend light before it enters the camera. The image captured is something like that of a faded memory or an altered view of common surroundings. (insert thoughts of “equivalence” by Alfred Stieglitz / Minor White)

Circle Round The Sun

 Added to June 20, 2016
Jun 202016


On a break at work I looked up to see this, a circle around the sun. A bit farther away is a partial rainbow, making it almost a double sun halo. I have only seen this a hand full of times before, usually with the moon. Has something to do with tiny ice crystals refracting the light, I believe.

An Arrangement Of Growth

 Added to June 13, 2016
Jun 132016


So get this… I just realized there was tons of art just laying in my back yard, scattered about. All I had to do is simply look for it.

The Poppy

 Added to June 10, 2016
Jun 102016


I believe I planted some poppies on the side of my house years and years ago. Possibly. Either way, while searing for inspiration in my back yard I saw a bunch of newly flowering poppies creeping up. I just love the crowns on top of the seed pods, and especially the two-toned flower petals. That was my inspiration. This is what happened next.

The Dreaming State