Fractal Flower

 Added to July 22, 2016
Jul 222016


I have quite a bit of Queen Anne’s Lace in my back yard. Much of nature is a perfect definition of a “fractal” however this flower really takes the cake. Such a complex and self similar construction.

A Photograph Of Calm

 Added to July 14, 2016
Jul 142016


I was asked to make a photograph of the emotion “tranquility”. This was always a favorite subject of mine: How precise the camera is as a method of capture, but how difficult it is to deal with the intangible – emotions or ideas. Deciding to take an experimental and abstract route, I began to work with long shutters and in-camera multiple exposures outside my house. No editing necessary. For this image I aimed my camera at a Japanese Maple tree, opened the shutter and quickly shook my camera as I panned down to some green bushes. Although technically a photograph, I believe it speaks well of: calm / tranquil / serene.

Inspire: Susan Burnstine

 Added to July 2, 2016
Jul 022016

Susan Burnstine, “Grasp”, 2007

Burnstine is an American fine art photographer and journalist, originally from Chicago and now based in Los Angeles. She began using photography to work through nightmares and night terrors that she had faced since childhood. She is known to use alternative processes, and cameras she made herself out of toy camera parts or even found objects and materials. Really incredible images to look through. See more at

The Dreaming State