The Swirling Green

 Added to August 26, 2016
Aug 262016


I came across this beautiful sight, and made a picture. Proving once again, nothing is more complex and psychedelic than the little things, the things that mostly go unseen, created by her, mother nature.

Moonrise Ocean

 Added to August 25, 2016
Aug 252016


While spending a week at the Outer Banks, North Carolina, I had become very inspired by the beach at night. All my friends would go to sleep and other people seemed to stay in, but I would grab my tripod, camera, and head out to the beach to watch the moonrise. We got lucky with the times of the moon this year, and so each night I experimented with long exposures… Here I made a self portrait with a powerful flashlight.

Mandala Painting

 Added to August 7, 2016
Aug 072016


This is the second mandala painting made so far. I began by designing the patterns in Photoshop, taking some inspiration from traditional Tibetan mandalas and mixing in some other shapes and patterns. I then printed and transferred the design onto wood. We added some bright color paints and then hung it on the wall. Hopefully we will create many more of these soon.

The Dreaming State