Inspire: Abelardo Morell

 Added to June 1, 2017
Jun 012017

Abelardo Morell, “View Of Central Park Looking North, Fall”, 2008

Morell is a Cuban born Boston based photographer working with the earliest fundamentals of photography: The Camera Obscura. What you see here is not a double exposure or digital trickery, but rather a simple projection of light onto an interior room. When a room is sealed off and a hole is made in the window, the light from outside is projected inside the room… Morell explored the idea of turning spaces all around the world into camera obscuras, and then documented the space. Sometimes he would use a lens to get a sharper image, sometimes a prism to flip the projection right-side-up… I did this to a room of mine back in college and watched upside down people walk across my ceiling. It is quite amusing. See more at

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