Quotes: Page McConnell

 Added to July 31, 2017
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Sunset Quotes: Page McConnell

“Keep it simple and true, let a spirit flow through. Every note that you play, like you’ve got something to say. Every note is a light, if it’s gonna burn bright. You’ll be out of its way. But don’t worry if the stars don’t align. Rule number one, have a good time.” – I was reminded of this song because recently I have been on a huge Phish kick. The band is currently playing the Baker’s Dozen, 13 shows at Madison Square Garden in NYC. An amazing amount of shows! I have been listening to them all, and then recalled some musical side projects of the band. I saw Page McConnell (the keyboardist from Phish) and his side project Vida Blue in 2003 or 2004. They were a really great group. I liked the positive vibe and Page’s voice in this song, Electra Glide.

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