Added to September 11, 2017
Sep 112017

When is a work of art considered finished? Can something old be picked back up and considered new? I seem to go through phases of creative or productive ebb and flow. In times of making, much of these things get stashed away in digital folders not to be seen for weeks or even years. Over two years ago I set up a backdrop, lights, tripod and then grabbed some string and flowers. I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but I recall trying to express how I felt in the form of poetic imagery. I then tossed the image aside… Today I rediscovered this beauty and realized how well it fits into my current body of work. I spent some time editing the photograph until I felt it was a perfect fit. What was an old creation that went nowhere was now picked back up and given a place in my portfolio… I also chose to title it “Melancholia” – which parallels the meaning of the piece.

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