Added to October 28, 2017
Oct 282017

I went to see Shpongle perform life, an English psybient electronic group consisting of Simon Posford & Raja Ram, and it was quite a memorable concert. I find that music is not only an inspiration to my work and way of thinking, but it also is ALWAYS playing in the background when I am busy in the studio.

On this tour they had an amazing visual installation called the Shpongletron. Essentially it is just white boards, however with the lights off and projectors aimed at it, the whole thing came alive with movement and morphing animations via projection mapping. I felt this was a very innovative way to add an impactful visual element to the auditory experience. Shpongle is among my favorite records to spin while I create.

Cash Clock

 Added to October 19, 2017
Oct 192017

I have been obsessed with spreadsheets lately. That sounds super geeky. I am aware, and proud. I used to think spreadsheets were just for business organization and simple math, but with advanced functions and code you can really do some interesting stuff… I had the idea: What if there was a clock that, instead of telling time, it told you how much money you have earned today. I began figuring out the data and code. My final creation is a Google Sheet called “Cash Clock” that tells you how many dollars and cents you have earned, begins and ends with work hours, and even pauses during lunch. Time is money, right?

The Soloist

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Oct 162017

Once again I forced myself into the studio with no idea to begin from, but I soon remembered we had a cello – and what is more aesthetically pleasing than a cello? It is nearing Halloween (the greatest of all holidays) and I began thinking about fake spiderwebs. The scene in Great Expectations where Miss Havisham’s cake is covered in cobwebs came to mind for some reason, and so that was my goal… I set the cello on the floor so that working with the fake webs would be easier. I then posed my hands reaching in the frame and loosened one of the strings for effect. When I was done processing the image, it didn’t feel complete, and so I photographed some long strands stretching out and edited them onto the cello. It’s simplicity makes it.


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Oct 072017

I wanted to tackle a subject that was fairly new to me: Fire. The idea was a man with his arm stretched out, engulfed in flames. I began first by lighting myself brightly from the top corner, and decided on a pose where my face doesn’t seem phased by pain. I think this tells more of a story… Next I had to photograph flames, but I am fairly paranoid of fire, so I made sure everything was tested and safe. I set up a table with a thick mirror on it, and then experimented with rubbing alcohol, both by soaking string and just pouring it onto the glass. None of the images were perfect alone, so the flames here are made up of a combination of about 8 separate exposures.

The Dreaming State