Added to November 30, 2017
Nov 302017

I covered my feet with acrylic paint, walked around on a piece of paper, then I made this photograph… I actually did this because I am working on another photograph where I need a long line of footprints. However, when I took a closer look at the way the paint had spread on the paper, I had to take a close up picture… It is funny how when sometimes you are simply working towards a goal you encounter useful surprises along the way. Perhaps I will need to paint my feet more often.

As Seen In Scranton

 Added to November 27, 2017
Nov 272017

During all of 2017 I spent most of my “photography” time in the studio with lights. I plan to continue this studio work through 2018 until I feel like the series is complete, however I had realized that I am spending hardly any time taking my camera out and making regular pictures… The other day I dropped some work off at a gallery in Scranton and decided to take my new camera and lens out for a stroll. Cities are great because of all the decay and strange mix of nature and cement. During my shoot I realized how I seem to always shoot with a formal composition, very straight and flat, like that of a Wes Anderson movie. I am going to take my camera out of the studio more often now.

New Camera

 Added to November 14, 2017
Nov 142017

I got a new camera! I decided to upgrade my main dSLR. I chose the Nikon D610 because it is so similar to what I am used to shooting with, has a 24 megapixel full frame sensor, and I already have a lot of accessories for Nikon that will be compatible. Although I was really interested in some mirror-less options like Fujifilm (mostly due to smaller size) they just didn’t seem to be the best option for my work, especially with studio lighting… On top of that I got a new all-in-one FX lens that will be my main glass while I am on the go. Time to make some new work!

Gifts For You

 Added to November 9, 2017
Nov 092017

I tied a bunch of cut pieces of rope together and experimented with them. Nothing interesting was happening until I realized how organic they appeared. I began pinning the rope onto my studio wall, twisting and pulling one piece around the other. Reaching my arm into the scene, I made this photograph, which is actually rotated 180 degrees… I felt it was like a gift offering, and a quote from Terrance McKenna came to mind: “…these things come running forward, and what they are doing with this visible language that they create is they are making gifts! They are making gifts for you…”

The Dreaming State