Drawing In 3D

 Added to February 19, 2018
Feb 192018

Virtual Reality is quickly becoming an obsession for me. I am not (or was not) much of a gamer, but it is clearly an amazing platform for gaming because you become a part of the environment. What I was not expecting is for VR to be such an amazing outlet for creativity as well. So far I have been learning shape modeling programs, sculpting software, as well as painting in 3D.

Here I used Google Tilt Brush, a program that allows you to paint in 3D space with a variety of standard brushes as well as special effect brushes that glow, animate, and shift color. As you paint something you can walk around it as if it’s actually an object in your room… I created this silly psychedelic jellyfish that reacts to a song by Shpongle, which is also about jellyfish.

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