Added to February 25, 2018
Feb 252018

This vision came to me and although I wasn’t sure what it meant at the time, I knew I had to shoot it. Rather than using real snow, which I very well could have done, I got instant snow at a craft store. It’s like sand but when you add water it puffs up and becomes light and fluffy and wet… After choosing the best shot, I felt the composition was missing something. I added a cloud in the corner, because I felt it was more interesting to have a cloud in the image and yet my hand is the one sprinkling the snow… To me this is about seasonal depression. I don’t get it too bad, but I do really hate how the ice and snow keep me locked up inside. I don’t like feeling cold. I have seen snow every year of my life and I don’t think I would miss never seeing it again. Something tells me I need to move out of the Northeast.

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