David Byrne Live

 Added to March 4, 2018
Mar 042018

I don’t usually relate concerts with art because for me they are entertainment and fun, but what is the difference? If you think about it, entertainment, art, and music are all one and the same… Tonight I got to see David Byrne, most known as the lead of the Talking Heads, play a show in Pennsylvania. I love the Talking Heads and own most of their albums on vinyl. David IS an artist at heart and had attended the Rhode Island School of Design in the early 1970’s (where I had spent a semester studying) before he dropped out and his band took shape.

His love of art comes through in the amazing show he puts on. Each song had something special, a performance dance, lighting, props, and rather than having a drummer on a kit there were about 6 or more drummers with mounted drums, like a marching band, so that they could all walk and move around the stage. It was really a beautiful show, as is his new album “American Utopia”.

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