Claw-Bot 3000

 Added to March 11, 2018
Mar 112018

This 3D model was sculpted and painted entirely in Virtual Reality using MasterpieceVR. His name is “Claw-Bot” and although he is very useful and full of skill, he is also quite depressed in contemplating his state of being.

I used to do some 3D modeling years ago, but I felt there was a huge disconnect in working on a three-dimensional sculpture on a 2D screen with only a mouse and keyboard. This all changed with Virtual Reality… Now I am able to create a box right in front of me, move it around with my hands, subtract from it, paint areas, and then walk around it as if it is a real object in my room. I worked on this silly robot for a while, then made him as large as me and walked around my creation.

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