Lunar Solar Department

 Added to June 12, 2018
Jun 122018

Over the past few weeks, I took part in a virtual reality sculpting contest held by MasterpieceVR, sponsored by Microsoft and Samsung. The theme was to imagine a city of the future, sustainable and high-tech, which I feel is a truly important subject in today’s world… I created a few different pieces for the contest including the “Communal Smart Farm” (a robot-run field that produces food for multiple families), the “Cloud Irrigation Drone” (a flying device that creates rainclouds to save lands in drought), and even “Tech Town” (a group of residential and business buildings with a playful architectural design that looks like a circuit board).

Today I attended a virtual awards ceremony. The other artist’s work was simply amazing. Although I did not win, I was pleased to see that one of my entries, the “Lunar Solar Department” (a multi-country development project to build a solar panel grid on the moon, providing the entire planet with free energy), was added to the sky of the conceptual city we all built together. What a great positive contest by Masterpiece.

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