Digital Twin-Lens Reflex

 Added to June 23, 2018
Jun 232018

My dSLR is currently at Nikon for a good cleaning, and so I have been shooting with my dTLR instead. The Bonzart Ampel is a toy camera made in Asia that resembles an old Twin-Lens Reflex camera but made digital. It has an LCD screen on the top, two lenses (one being a tilted for effect), and the film winding knobs actually change the color settings. Of course, you can’t expect much from a silly 5 megapixel foreign camera, but I actually really love shooting with it.

I had this idea years ago, to create a digital TLR camera, and so I had to buy this. Obviously, this is not meant to be professional, but wouldn’t that be amazing? A really good 24 megapixel, metal-body dTLR, with great glass and a powerful LCD screen (or just reflected like the old ones). I would buy that product and use it all the time. Nothing like shooting with a Twin-Lens Reflex.

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