Charleston South Carolina

 Added to August 28, 2018
Aug 282018

I recently made a drastic life change. I moved to Charleston, South Carolina! All of my days were spent in the Northeast (plus a little in the Midwest) and so it was time to go somewhere completely new. Although my main goal was to be by the ocean, another “plus” of being in the South is to completely escape the cold and snow-filled winters of the North. I won’t miss those white days.

Today I found this little gem. I took shelter from a sudden heavy rain inside of a two-story treehouse overlooking a giant river.Got soaking wet regardless, but it was fun… Lately I have been into creating animated GIFs. I love photography, but photographs sometimes feel flat or silent or unnatural. Animated images give the viewer a sense of time and space, and even a little movement (such as this rain) tells a much more real story. Now I just wait for the artistic inspiration of Charleston to grab me.

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