Ocean Saturation

 Added to September 20, 2018
Sep 202018

I brought my dSLR to the ocean for the first time in a long time. I feel strange saying this (especially as a professional photographer) but I have been using my phone as a camera a lot lately. It captures a memory without the hassle. That said, the control and quality of a real camera is unbeatable… I photographed the moon over the ocean. Many people, especially traditional photographers, believe an image should look as close to the real moment as possible. I feel this way sometimes, but the other part of me thinks a camera should just capture imagery, and the artist should make it into what they envision. I saw a slight pink sunset bouncing off the waves, and the moon in the water, and so I turned up the saturation, changed some colors, and created an image that feels somewhere between reality and a calm dream.

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The Dreaming State