Cemetery on Halloween

 Added to October 31, 2018
Oct 312018

We took a quick day trip to Savanna to visit the old Bonaventure Cemetery. Really beautiful place with a lot of history. It is full of small plots of land for graves. This spot with the Spanish moss really felt like a movie set, and so we made a quick photo for the Halloween season.

Two Squares, Same Sky

 Added to October 28, 2018
Oct 282018

Two things have become of interest to me lately: Sunsets and Gradients… I have been trying to get out to watch the sunset more often these days, many times driving out to a spot where I can see it descend over the water. Sunsets are brilliant, but common. That is where this piece came to mind. Gradients in the sky are what amaze me the most. Every few minutes an area of the sky changes tremendously, and each part of the horizon is so different. And so… Here are two squares from the same sky.

Over Editing

 Added to October 5, 2018
Oct 052018

When I am “in-between” projects, I try to experiment a lot in hopes that I find my new obsession. I have been playing around with editing and today I pushed myself to “over edit” the image. What admittedly began as a fairly boring, mundane image is now very visually enticing… In a way it looks like a kid learning photoshop, and I understand that, but I also feel the vintage feel, mixed with pop overtones, and strange contrast make it a really interesting image. Perhaps I will keep doing this with other imagery to see how it works.

Going Mirrorless

 Added to October 1, 2018
Oct 012018

Well that was fast. In my last post I was complaining about the bulkiness and weight of my full frame Nikon, and here I am a week later with a new camera… After being a Nikon guy for half my life, I have decided to sell off all my Nikon equipment and switch to this Fuji mirrorless. the X-T2. I choose this camera because it is designed like an old 35mm film camera, knobs and all, and I used to love shooting with my Pentax K1000. Amazing how mirrorless cameras let you preview your focus before you even take the shot, or zoom into the viewfinder to check your focus. I think it is going to be a blast to shoot with.

The Dreaming State