Minimalism On The Beach

 Added to November 4, 2018
Nov 042018

Made some minimalism at the beach today. Then it started raining, so I was forced to leave… A constant struggle I have in the medium of photography is attempting to create something that doesn’t feel like “just another photograph”. I am not bashing straight photography (I love making regular pictures myself) but I believe in order to be “art” one must go deeper, beyond typical.

Here, I am stacking multiple Neutral Density filters on my camera lens in order to block out most of the light. This allows me to make a long exposure in bright daylight, giving some very strange results. I have done this in the past and it is quite fun. This was about a 10 second exposure of an object out in the ocean. Though I wish I had more time without rain, I was quite pleased with the simplicity and tonality of this image.

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