Tessellated Triangles

 Added to February 20, 2019
Feb 202019

As I continue to blend photography with geometry, I wanted to share some progress. I am creating a series of Photoshop Actions to assist me in turning photographs into patterns. I use Adobe Illustrator to calculate the precise geometry, then Adobe Photoshop to crop images into triangles and rotate them around a single point until they create a seamless tessellated pattern.

Here are some visual examples. I began with a photograph of textures in the sand at the beach near my house. First is 4 triangles, then 6. The more sides it has, the less of the original photograph is visible, however more repetitious detail is relieved. After creating 100 sides, someone challenged me to go farther, so I developed a process that splits and image SO thin that all you get are pixels of color going around in a circle. I call it “Infinity”.

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