Kaleidoscopic Waves

 Added to March 26, 2019
Mar 262019

A lot of my work is about perception, complexity, and symmetry. Recently I have worked in Adobe Photoshop, then brought Adobe Illustrator into the mix, even a little Adobe Dimension… I figure, maybe I need to step back into video and audio with Premiere and Audition.

This is a quick test project for something bigger in mind. I had the idea of mirroring ocean waves a few years ago, made a piece, but abandoned the idea. Now that I live near the beach, I think I should get back to filming… This is my favorite part of Folly Beach where waves come from all angles – edited of course.

Welcome to Folly Beach

 Added to March 13, 2019
Mar 132019

Some exciting news… A photograph of mine was recently purchased to be used on the “welcome” sign as you drive into Folly Beach! I feel honored to have my work featured at my favorite South Carolina beach.

This shot was done all in-camera, no Photoshop. I am using a Pixelstick by Bitbanger Labs which allows you to add graphics to a long exposure by walking through the image while the 6-foot device flashes dots of color… It takes some practice, but the results are eye-catching.

Lecture: Photo & Art

 Added to March 6, 2019
Mar 062019

I will be giving a presentation on Wednesday, March 13th called “Photography In The Arts” to the 21st Century Photography Group. I enjoy these talks and plan to cover a lot of visual material. It is a slideshow featuring dozens of artists using our medium in ways I find to be genius, inventive, eye-catching, or just downright WEIRD.

This talk is one of my favorites because it shows a LOT of creative work. Just to name a few, we will be talking about the works of: Hiroshi Sugimoto, Annie Leibovitz, Cindy Sherman, Francesca Woodman, Jerry Uelsmann, and many more!

Painting Of Patches

 Added to March 2, 2019
Mar 022019

I typically only post works by myself here, but today is a special occasion to share a painting by an amazing artist in Pennsylvania, Maria Grzybowski. This is Patches, a pet rabbit that has given me so many fun and cute memories over the past nearly ten years. Sadly, he recently lost his battle with cancer.

Today, I received this painting in the mail. This is not just some bunny in paint, this is 100% Patches. I have no words to express how happy this makes me… Maria specializes in themes of nature and animals. HERE is a link to her website. Check out her work, and if you have a pet that is or was close to your heart, I highly recommend her pet portraits.

The Dreaming State