Different Perspectives

 Added to April 7, 2019
Apr 072019

A photographer’s role goes far beyond simply making a correct exposure. We are visionaries. We are seers. Our mind’s eye can travel to multiple different locations in a second. We can see an image before we take it. We can feel the important ones.

This photograph was selected to be in the South Carolina Picture Project collection (linked HERE)… In the distance I saw a bunch of rocks around a puddle of water, and I had the vision of turning them into a giant seascape. Though the rocks were only about the size of my head, I knew a low perspective could make them look large. The lighthouse was far in the distance, but by closing down my aperture I kept it in focus, and by moving I placed it perfectly on the rocks… When I took this photograph I had that feeling, a strange feeling that you know you made something important.

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The Dreaming State