Levels Of Detail

 Added to May 3, 2019
May 032019

I have always been so fascinated by fractal imagery because you can zoom in and in and in – and there is still more to explore. Fractals are self-similar mathematical patterns that shift slightly at different scales, and so they are infinite and can be viewed at different points. Though photography cannot do this, I realized that some of my pattern work has multiple levels of viewing as well.

This is a pattern created in photoshop by cutting a photograph of a sunset into an equilateral triangle, then repeating it around itself as a tessellation… Imagine seeing this printed HUGE on the side of a wall. As you walk in the room, you first see a bright and complex geometrical pattern. As you walk towards it you begin to notice a sky, the sun, and a few boats in the water. It may not be a fractal, but it does have more than one view point like a fractal.

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