Seek Imperfection

 Added to July 15, 2019
Jul 152019

I stayed up late finalizing a body of work I began in 2016 (hope to release it soon). In going through all my images, I began contemplating photography. It is a strange art form. It seems to be overly obsessed with the idea of perfection and quality. Paint is paint, clay is clay. The camera, however, is an ever-evolving device, and as technology improves, the camera betters itself again and again. This is great, but also one of the biggest downfalls for any creative.

I understand that I have uncommon views on the medium, but I think photographers should focus less effort in obsessing over quality, perfection, equipment, and details – and instead worry more about being imagemakers. What do you want to tell your viewer? What does the image say? In all honesty, I don’t think most viewers care about all the little things as much as they do the emotion, the feeling, and the experience. I think the better photographers get hung up on these things instead.

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