Folk Art Sewing

 Added to July 28, 2019
Jul 282019

My sewing machine has been in a box for about 5 years. It’s been too long. I also tend to get excited and carried away with “new” things. I stayed up till 3:30am sewing this strange shoulder bag… It has a zipper pocket for my wallet and phone, one for pens, a notebook, a separate reinforced area for my laptop, and even a side pouch that perfectly fits a can of Pabst.

Besides the quirky style, I wanted to put myself into the work. Hidden on the back is a mandala I made. I took a photograph of sparklers, manipulated the image into a circular pattern, then printed onto fabric and sewed it in… It’s far from perfect, fraying and odd, but I consider myself a folk artist when it comes to sewing. I do it my own way and make up my own plans as I work.

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