One Year

 Added to August 24, 2019
Aug 242019

Exactly one year ago today, I drove to a place I had never been to, knew nothing about, and I made it my home. To celebrate our own “Charleston Day” we went to Folly Beach, swam, then ate vinegar fries… I love this place.

River Reflection Meditation

 Added to August 17, 2019
Aug 172019

I chase sunsets as a hobby. I almost always bring my camera, but sometimes I see something obscure, something usually left unseen, and that becomes the better image… While making photographs I noticed that a small area of waves was creating a really strange texture. It was a mix of bright golden light and a strange grey, with a static television look to it. After making a few photographs, I decided this is better seen as a video. I then got home, mastered the sound, and added a track of piano that I composed.


 Added to August 4, 2019
Aug 042019

Every so often I jump back into Adobe Illustrator in hopes to find new creative inspiration. Keeping with my passion for pattern and op art, I created this form by making various polygonal shapes, then simply added blending between each one. Because the number of sides change, and the rotation, the blends create a really interesting dimensional effect.

The Washout

 Added to August 2, 2019
Aug 022019

Tide’s a little bit too high at The Washout… On Folly Beach there is an area known as the Washout where you can see the waves right from the road. The ocean is literally right there. Of course, when we get strangely high tides and coastal flooding, the Washout really becomes a cool place to see.

Lizard Pattern

 Added to August 1, 2019
Aug 012019

I have always found nature to be the best source material for pattern creation. Recently I have been exploring such material as the veins of a leaf, colors of a butterfly wing, or textures of a lizards skin… This image was a photograph of two lizards wrapped up together. I absolutely love the result and think it would make an amazing pattern for sewing a bag or something.

The Dreaming State